The Municipality has undergone during the last twenty-four year’s term (06-1998 till 06-2022), the following projects:
Due to the vital role of water in improving life standards, the Municipality has dealt with the water issues and problems as priority. In this direction, it has achieved the following works:

For the first time in the village history, a water filtration system has been implemented with the help of the Water Authority, the Pontifical Mission in Lebanon and the Municipality. The
project was built on a piece of land offered by Mr. Walid Beik Joumblatt and Mr. Zouheir Hosneldine.

Due to a population growth rate, it has become a must to increase the old water storage capacity of 85 m³ to at least 160 m³, in order to cover the normal village needs. In 2006 the Municipality has added a new reservoir with a capacity of 450m3, thus increasing the storage facility. The first phase of the project was built on a land offered by Mr. Khaled Hosneldine, while the big cement reservoir was built on a land offered by Mr. Walid Beik Joumblatt. A water well was digged as well to secure continuous flow of water in needed dry season near Ain Merched, with the help of the Embassy of Japan in Lebanon.


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